"The life, depth & beauty of wood in the hands of
a truly visionary artist"

"Dream-like worlds impeccably crafted"

"Ani's sculptures revel in the rich, natural tones of wood and mysteriously draw the viewer in. They all seem to nurture an inner world of hidden places, creating an intriguing sense that there was once a life presence within.
Each sculpture offers tactile pathways to secret interiors. Pulls and doors slide and open to reveal hidden drawers and spaces cleverly built within." -The Pueblo Chieftain


Intrigued by the unique patterns, colors and inclusions found naturally, Ani Jenkins began her her
exploration of wood as an artistic medium in the mid 1990's.
Ani's work is infused with deep mystical themes and reflections of ancient civilizations.
Combining these elements with a palette of rare and exotic woods, her work manifests
the melding of reality and dreams.

Flawlessly executed and full of life, Ani's work has won numerous 1st place
and people's choice awards and she has gained the respect of
seasoned woodworkers and art critics alike.

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"inspiration is like the sun; an inexhaustible source of energy"